New Jersey
Gamer Symphony

New Jersey's premiere community-based video game music orchestra & choir. Since 2014, we've performed arrangements from dozens of beloved videogames.

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Members of the Montclair Gamer Symphony Orchestra at MAGFest 2019

A brief History

NJGSO was originally founded in 2014 by conductor Alyssa Menes as the Montclair Gamer Symphony Orchestra. A group of less than 10 members, MGSO made their debut performance at Digital Press Videogames in Clifton, NJ. Since then, we've changed our name, our venue, and our look pretty substantially, but our goal has always remained the same: create a welcoming and supportive community of musicians that strives for excellence through shared knowledge and performance experiences.

NJGSO after their spring 2022 concert

Who are we Now?

An ensemble of 50 musicians ranging from strings to brass to choir, NJGSO rehearses nearly every Sunday from September to June and performs two major concerts each year. On top of that, we have performed at a variety of venues ranging from local libraries to conventions with thousands of people in attendance, including a large representation in the inaugural community orchestra at Super MAGFest 2023. We welcome musicians of all backgrounds to perform with us!

Watch our Spring 2023 Concert Video!

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Please Note: Due to rehearsal space constraints, NJGSO is not currently accepting new members for full ensemble performances. But feel free to reach out if you'd like to participate in our small ensemble performances!

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